Final Design for LIFX App-Controlled Light Debuts

The successful Kickstarter project will start shipping next month.


We’ve seen a lot of app-controlled lighting options lately. However, LIFX made a name for itself when they raised over a million dollars last year on Kickstarter.

Creator Phil Bosua was looking for $100,000 to fund the LIFX multi-color, app-controlled light bulb. In November, his fundraising campaign was over, with $1.3 million pledged. He’s looking to deliver to backers sometime next month, while creating a bit of new buzz for the product.

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That’s because Bosua went back to the drawing board and created a whole new design for the LIFX, which is pictured above. However, he’s not quite finished yet. He’s asking the product’s original 9,000 backers to choose the final finish, which is being determined via an online poll.

“The front runner so far seems to be pearl white,” says Bosua. “But there is a significant number of backers requesting LIFX be made available in all four colors.”

The LIFX campaign was first launched back in Novemer — six days before Philips debuted the Hue, says Bosua.

“It’s phenomenal to see the response we’ve had and the fact that a giant like Philips is entering the market validates it for us even further,” he says. “The announcement of our design and the response it’s had clearly indicates this is the future of lighting.”

Bosua says that the LIFX features include a brightness exceeding 900 lumens, smartphone controls, and the option for “over 16 million colors.”

The original Kickstarter campaign allowed backers to secure the LIFX for $69. If you’re interested in getting one of the bulbs, you can sign up for pre-order info on the LIFX website.


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