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Fibaro Dimmer 2 Can Control & Calibrate Light Switches

The controller uses the power of Z-Wave to make a modern lighting setup.

Fibaro Dimmer 2 for modern lighting

Fibaro made a name in the consumer electronics world by introducing a series of cool sensors—most notably that one that looks like an eyeball. Now, the company is spying on easy ways to bring smart, modern lighting into the home.

The company just introduced Dimmer 2, a module that can control, switch, and dim lights. However, instead of just another smart lighting solution, the hook on Dimmer 2 is that it can add modern lighting features to any light switch, all without messing with the aesthetic or design in your home.

The Dimmer 2 is Z-Wave Plus certified, so it uses wireless technology to tap into the light sources around your house. It even has a specially designed algorithm that will identify the type of connected light source and calibrate it so your lights are optimally controlled.

This modern lighting controller also allows users to set scenes within a room all with the touch of a switch. That means you can trigger scenes and mood lighting without the need for your smartphone or another device!

That connectivity also makes it easy to hook the Dimmer 2 up to Fibaro smart hubs and other third-party hubs. This can add even more smart features to your setup, including schedules and lighting preferences based on the situation or time of day. Connecting the Dimmer 2 to the Fibaro Home Center hub can also deliver info on power consumption and alert users to overheating, overloads, and voltage drops.

“Our vision is to create products that add intelligence to your home—in the devices you touch and use every day and the ones behind the wall. Dimmer 2 delivers on that vision,” said Rich Bira, managing director of Fibaro USA. “Dimmer 2 is our first line voltage lighting control device for the U.S. and it’s designed to turn any light switch into a smart device that can integrate into your home.”

Fibaro plans to start shipping the Dimmer 2 by the end of this month, priced at $69.99.


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