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Emberlight Makes Any Bulb a Smart Bulb

The smart bulb adapter works with incandescent, dimmable CFL and dimmable LED bulbs.


Automated lighting is a bright idea these days. It’s also insanely easy. New smart bulbs allow you to replace existing bulbs with lights that have a little automated kick to them. That way, you can control your lighting remotely with an app, as well as set schedules.

So what do you do with those old bulbs? Tossing them doesn’t seem very green—or economical. Instead, you can add a little Emberlight into your current mix.

Emberlight can turn any dimmable bulb into a smart bulb. More specifically, it can turn any incandescent, dimmable CFL and dimmable LED bulb into a smart bulb. Just screw one of those into the Emberlight adapter. The adapter then goes into your existing light socket.

Once installed, the bulbs work in conjunction with your home’s WiFi network and the Emberlight smartphone app. That app does all sorts of smart things, like allowing for remote control over lighting or timers. Users can also set lights to be triggered by the Emberlight’s internal proximity sensor. The app can even keep tabs on your location and have the lights go on when you get home.

Other features include notification alerts, mood lighting and dimming options, all at the touch of a button.

The Emberlight isn’t just easy, but it’s also scalable. The one Emberlight master unit has both Bluetooth LE and WiFi, so it can connect to additional Emberlights using Bluetooth. No hub or programming is required.

Emberlight is currently available for pre-order. A single Emberlight costs $49, with multi-packs costing anywhere from $89 to $399.

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