Comcast Xfinity Now Offers Wireless LED Lighting Control

Wireless LED Light control from Xfinity could brighten up the DIY home control market.


Remember a little while ago that we told you smart LEDs would be the future of lighting control? Well, here’s more proof. Comcast’s home control system, AKA Xfinity Home, is now incorporating wireless LED light bulbs from Osram Sylvania.

The Sylvania Ultra iQ BR30 LED bulbs use the Zigbee home automation standard. They’re similar in concept to the Philips Hue light bulbs, except they don’t offer the color control of Hue. In that respect they’re closer to the wireless LED lights from TCP and Greenwave; however those use the 6LoPAN protocol.

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The Sylvania LED lights will be controllable via the Xfinity app. The bulbs fit into standard light bulb sockets, making them just as user friendly (and just as limited) as other similar solutions. Comcast reports that the lights use 83 percent less energy and last up to 17 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs.

The 11 watt bulbs emit 700 lumens at a color temperature of 2700K. They are dimmable down to 5 percent. No information on how much the individual bulbs will cost (similar lights go for around $30). They’re not yet on the Xfinity equipment list. The only other lighting device available for the service appears to be a plug-in module that can be used with lamps.

If you like the idea of wireless control of energy-saving LED lights in a professionally-installed system, and want to play with pretty colors, then check this out.

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