Best Buy Starts Insignia LED Light Bulbs at $13.99

The new bulbs are designed to have a product life of more than 22 years.


It’s hard to imagine that there’s too many surprises left in the light bulb. We told you the other day about the super-cool Philips hue, which offers automated LED lighting with a twinge of color. That little kit will cost you about $200. However, if you just want energy-efficient lighting that’s going to last for years, LED is certainly a good alternative.

It’s also an expensive alternative — or it used to be. Best Buy is hoping to change that, with its newly announced Insignia-branded LED light bulbs. The hook on this new product offering is that it makes energy-efficient LED lighting available at an affordable price.

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It’s kind of interesting that Best Buy would start selling LED bulbs, but the part that were most interested in is the price. There’s a model with 450 Lumens, which is equivalent to 40 watts, for $13.99. A version with 800 Lumens (60-watt equivalent) is just $16.99.

This is a pretty low price for a bulb — one that’s designed to last for about 22 years. Powered by Cree, Inc., the Insignia LED light bulb looks like a traditional incandescent light, but boasts a more ambient, omni-directional light. It also doesn’t have any of the CFL toxic hazards and disposal hassles.

“It was important to me to create a LED bulb that would solve some of the current pain points for consumers,” said Dave Carroll, the LED bulb’s inventor. “Consumers have traditionally resisted other high-efficiency light bulbs due to their unattractive shapes, strange lighting and high costs. Teaming with my Insignia partners at Best Buy and the lighting experts at Cree enabled me to bring a better quality bulb to market at a more affordable price.”

Best Buy is hoping that the new features and prices will fuel consumer adoption of LED lighting.

“Our goal was to offer our customers a great LED bulb,” says Richard Rommel, senior vice president of exclusive brands for Best Buy. “Not only does our bulb look more like a traditional light bulb, customers will appreciate its quality and features, while earning back in energy savings the cost of the bulb within one to two years, depending on usage.”


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