Avi-on Light Switch is Smart, Wireless and Movable

The new Bluetooth-powered switch can stick to almost any surface.

Once you have automated lighting, it’s kind of addictive. It’s a nice little perk that you probably didn’t think was all that important — until you actually get the opportunity to try it.

Thankfully, new smart lighting options are popping up all over, with a range of skill sets and price tags. The latest is Avi-on, a wireless light switch that doesn’t require screws, wires or touch-up paint. It’s so wireless, you can just stick it wherever you think you need a light switch. This option also makes it easy to move.

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The Avi-on Switch uses Bluetooth to connect to any Avi-on-powered plug or light bulb. The two can be paired with just a few clicks, via the Avi-on app for iOS and Android devices. Then, just stick the Switch wherever you want it. Besides on/off functions, the Avi-on Switch has dimming features as well.

If you want a few extra options, the same app used for setup also adds in timers, schedules and grouping. Other Avi-on Switch features include a 100-foot range and a 3-year battery life.

Currently, the Avi-on Switch works with a GE Plug-In Smart Dimmer, the GE Plug-In Outdoor Smart Switch, a Bluetooth Smart Bulb, and the GE In-Wall Smart Dimmer.

Avi-on is hoping to create a bit of buzz with a crowdfunding campaign, which will run for the next 28 days. The $59 Early Bird Starter Kit includes one Avi-on Switch and one plug-in smart dimmer. A variety of other packages are also available.

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