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AirBulb Color is a Smart Bulb and Speaker in One

This smartphone-controlled color LED is taking on the Hue with beautiful music.

We’ve seen a lot of smart bulbs recently. One real standout is the Philips Hue. Now, another company is looking to take on the Hue and they’re going to be loud about it — literally.

The AirBulb Color is a smart bulb that be controlled via any smartphone. The associated app doesn’t just dim and douse the power, but can also adjust the color of the bulb via three white LEDs and three RGB LEDs.

However, the difference between the AirBulb Color and something like the Hue is that this bulb can also play music. Yes, the AirBulb Color is a wireless Bluetooth speaker, so you can wirelessly stream music directly to the bulb, no matter where it’s installed.

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Other features include “Mood Lighting” and “Disco” modes, support for iOS and Android devices, incoming call and alarm notifications, and more.

Parent company AvantConcept is currently seeking funding for the AirBulb Color on Kickstarter. To score one AirBulb Color, just pledge a minimum of $55 by the April 28 campaign deadline. The company is also offering a variety of different reward packages, and plans to start shipping those before the end of the year.

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