Warning: Cool Electronics May Contain Energy Saving Features

More and more, energy management is becoming a feature in products, from home control touchpanels to amplifiers.


Let’s face it: energy efficiency alone isn’t fun. And few us remember to do things like set our thermostats or turn off the lights to be more efficient. That’s why many electronic systems manufacturers are building energy saving functions into both housewide systems and individual products.

By doing this, they’re making it easier for us to be more efficient at home—and without us even trying. You could call it a new age in energy automation. Everything from home control, motorized shading systems, power conditioners and even powerful amplifiers are becoming hidden energy managers. More obvious energy devices like thermostats and smart plugs are being integrated into larger systems.

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These products go way beyond the energy-saving features found in TVs and even some video projectors—by actually managing, controlling and sometimes monitoring our energy usage and by shutting off devices when they’re no longer in use. Here are just a few we saw at the recent CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) Expo in Indianapolis.


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