CES: Control4 Launches New Lifestyle Apps

Energy, Vacation and other lifestyle apps announced at CES.


Home control company Control4 has a suite of new apps available for its systems, including a Video Wall and Movie Guardian apps, a Graphic Equalizer, My Energy, Vacation, Wake and Remind Me applications. There is also a Concierge app for condo developments. The apps are available in Control4’s 4Store application marketplace. The 4Store application marketplace is part of Control4 OS 2.0, and ships on every new Control4 controller and touchscreen sold.

Multi-Screen Video Wall by Control4
To appeal to the ultimate sports fan or news junkie, a new multiscreen video wall app allows homeowners to control three, five or seven video screens simultaneously on a touchscreen interface. The app helps users manage up to seven TVs along one wall. And as long as the cable box has DVR functionality, users can have their own personal instant replay, rewinding a live play as they switch from a secondary side screen to the center screen. When the video wall is in use, the app provides instant and full control of each TV from a single touchscreen and can change the station playing on the central screen.

Movie Guardian by Green Wave Technology
Movie Guardian provides parents with the ability to password-protect movies in their family’s Control4 media database, based on the MPAA rating. During setup, parents determine which ratings they want to block, and set an override password.

Graphic Equalizer by Control4
Graphic Equalizer for Control4 4-channel and 8-channel amplifiers allows users to change volume, bass and treble. Audiophiles can fine-tune their listening experience using the amplifiers built-in 5-zone parametric equalizer. Users can easily set the frequency, gain, and quality factor (Q) for each band using a familiar slider-based interface on their touch screen. Parents can also set the maximum volume level for each zone so their teenager’s tunes stay in the bedroom.

One of the greatest benefits of owning a home control system is the added layer of protection and security it provides to a home. With the Vacation app, a home will appear occupied when homeowners are away through a pre-set “I’m home” system that schedules lights to turn on and off, sets shades to raise and lower, and can even turn the TV or music on and off. The app allows homeowners to control up to 15 different devices in up to eight rooms for the perfect I’m-home-when-I’m-not-home simulation.


Hate morning? Most of us do. What if your home automation system could gently wake you up to your favorite song while slowly bringing up the lights and raising your blinds. It’s not breakfast in bed, but it’s a start.

Remind Me by Control4
Since home automation is also about practicality, having apps that give simple, centralized control of everything in life is essential. From the Remind Me app users can schedule meetings and other important events and receive reminders by a popup on their touchscreen or on screen display.

Organizer by i-Novi (Altran)
With the new Organizer app, you have your own personal assistant. Users can organize everyday shopping lists in a simple manner, and save them to their email. The app sets simple reminders and produces a calendar indicating days when groceries and notes are posted, leaving the user with an organized daily list. Are your kids always forgetting their chores? Users can assign chores to their children, which require an actionable response so the system then notifies users upon completion of the chore.

Concierge by Concierge Solutions
A solution for a condo building or centralized development community that needs to provide its residents with instant access to amenities, Concierge makes your neighborhood work for you by offering local menus, vendors, calendars, and requests through a web management console (requires an iCon account to work).


Control4 My Energy by Control4
Control4 has developed the My Energy app, which works with the TED 5000 energy monitoring device to help homeowners manage and monitor their energy consumption. The app offers two views: Dashboard and Electricity Use. With Dashboard, customers can see their home’s Price per KwH, Cost per Hour, Current Use and So Far Today, and a graphical view of their consumption today versus yesterday. In the Electricity Use view, consumers can view two-hour real-time data, historical data for the week, month and year, and a comparison of current consumption to previous period, same period last year, and average daily outside temperature.


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