tado° Can Help You Keep Your Cool and Your Money

The compact controller can turn any AC unit into a smart AC unit.

The temperature has been heating up around the country. However, tado° is looking to cool things down a bit with its new smart AC product. Simply known as tado° Cooling, this add-on can turn any AC device into a smart AC device.

Tado° Cooling uses the same technology that was previously launched in the tado° Heating app. That makes sense, right? The setup combines the pictured controller device with a “geo-aware app” for iOS and Android devices. That basically means that when your house is empty, the tado° will sense that and turn off the air. It can even fire up the AC as you head home, so the house is “pre-cooled” for your return.

According to the company, the device uses infrared to control your AC, just like a remote control. Other features include Bluetooth support, humidity control, and a room-to-room feature that knows what room to cool and when. The end result doesn’t just make your home comfortable, but should save you a few bucks in energy costs.

“Our main motivation for developing tado° was to tackle this issue and make a significant contribution to the environment protection,” says Christian Deilmann, founder and CEO at tado°. “We believe in intelligent technology that is intuitive and automatically ensures that no energy is wasted.”

The company is getting ready to wrap up a Kickstarter campaign to fund tado° Cooling. At last peek, the project was completely funded, with the first shipments scheduled for August. If tado° hits its campaign stretch goal of $200,000, the company promises to add support for Apple’s HomeKit standard by fall 2014. This will allow you to use Siri to alert the device to schedule changes or temperature tweaks.

However, there’s another incentive to get in on the ground floor of this product: early-bird pricing! Once tado° Cooling is available to the public, it’s expected to sell for $149, with the app available as a free download. That said, if you pledge a minimum of $99 before the Kickstarter campaign ends on Wednesday (June 11, 2014), you can reserve one of the early shipments for $50 off the retail price.

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