SurgeX XU315-DC Powers the People with Web Access

The latest power product offers more backup power, extended protection, and online monitoring.


Remember when power protection was just a big ‘ole strip? The components in need of protection have changed over the years, and SurgeX certainly knows how to adapt. The company’s latest product is the XU315-DC, an online 1500 VA double conversion UPS/surge eliminator.

According to SurgeX, the XU315-DC can deliver a true regenerated sign wave output with no interruption. That means that even if there is an outage, your system will still have power. Don’t expect to be watching movies in the event of a multi-day blackout. However, the XU315-DC will give you about five minutes of backup time for a full load and over 12 minutes for a half load.

That’s plenty of time to shut down your system, without any damage. It also makes for a nice solution for applications using a generator, alternate energy sources, or any installation where the grid provides less than ideal power. That’s because the dual-conversion UPS pumps out 120V/60Hz true sine wave output no matter what is happening on the grid.

Besides stopping all surges up to 6,000V/3000A, this 3U UPS enables control via a USB, RS-232 and/or web interface. In fact, you probably want the XU315-DC on the web, since it allows for remote management and monitoring. Set up notifications for power-related events, view real-time UPS data meters, check out your history and event records, and more. This type of access also allows your integrator to check in on the system, restart and also test the receptacles.

Other features include a hot swappable battery system and expandable battery packs for virtually unlimited extended runtime.

Backed by an 11-year warranty, the XU315-DC is shipping now with an MSRP of $3,495.


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