SurgeX Introduces Energy Managing Power Conditioners

New Axess line allows remote reboots, energy monitoring and power-saving controls.


Power conditioners used to be almost solely for cleaning up the electrical power from the utility and protecting your investments in electronics so they’ll operate better. But the fact that many audio/video and other components plug into them make them a great platform for other features, like on/off control, remote rebooting and energy management.

SurgeX joins the likes of Panamax Furman’s BlueBolt and Monster PowerCenter with a new line of Axess products that are IP-addressable, surge eliminating and power conditioning management systems. They allow custom electronics (CE) pros and homeowners to monitor and control plugged-in components via the Internet, 24/7, with e-mail notifications sent about various power phenomena. Custom sequences can also be created.

Axess Elite adds outlet-level energy management and control, with two-way communication that monitors and manages system energy usage. (Regular Axess features box-level management). Axess Elite collects temperature, voltage measurements and current draw measurements and reports back via a user-friendly energy and power usage display. Power and energy usage is displayed per outlet with a report of the system’s energy consumption by each connected device. Axess Elite products compile an internal history log files for advanced monitoring of the system and user access.

Axess Elite also gives integrators the ability to control and power on an outlet level; including turning outlets on and off and controlling expansion units from the master unit.

Axess Elite also gives integrators and CE pros the ability to reboot locked-up gear without requiring expensive truck rolls. This has been a popular feature for systems like BlueBolt.

“The industry has seen power management systems and they’ve seen energy management systems, but now we have engineered a system that brings the two together,” said Shannon Townley, vice president of sales and marketing for SurgeX.

Axess Ready products

For more basic IP needs, SurgeX now offers a line of Axess Ready products. The core SurgeX products, including FlatPak, Space Savers and NEMA solutions can now be controlled over IP. All Axess Ready products are network attached and feature an intuitive user interface to operate the outlet, change configuration parameters, remote reboot any device connected to the Axess Ready product as well as conserve energy by powering down equipment when not in use.

Following is a breakdown of features for the Axess line:

· Remote monitoring and control of a power distribution platform online, 24/7.
· Monitor and control individual outlets as well as monitor power usage at a box level.
· Customize, synthesize, and monitor individual outlets and power settings on
integrated IP-enabled devices via remote access.
· Users can create and run custom sequences across an entire network.
· Display real-time values of voltage, total system current draw, total system
power draw and total system energy usage.
· Provides fail safe, Advanced Series Mode Surge Elimination/Power
Conditioning protection.
Axess Elite
· Axess PLUS.
· Unprecedented level of energy management to any system, offering two-way communication to monitor and manage system energy and power usage.
· Control power on an outlet level.
· Power and energy usage displayed per outlet.
· Collect and internally log temperature, voltage measurements, temperature and current draw measurements.
· Provides fail safe, Advanced Series Mode Surge Elimination/Power Conditioning protection.
Axess Ready
· Web interface allows for remote access capabilities.
· Create schedules with single or multiple conditions.
· Reboot any devices connected to the Axess Ready product.
· Conserve energy by scheduling equipment to power down when not in use.
· Axess Ready products include, the SA-82-AR, CM-1115/1120-RT-AR and


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