Smarthome Debuts New Insteon Energy Monitoring Devices

Now available for pre-order, the iMeter Solo and SynchroLinc are designed to watch and control energy consumption.


Last week’s Consumer Electronics Show wasn’t just about electronics that cost a pretty penny. There were a few in there that could actually save you a couple of bucks — maybe to put towards that 92-inch 3D TV, perhaps?

Our friends at Smarthome just announced two products that use the power of Insteon to monitor and control your energy intake.

First up is the iMeter Solo, a plug-in device that allows homeowners to monitor almost any appliance. Plug a refrigerator, computer or any other electronic device into the iMeter Solo, and plug the device into an outlet. From there, you can track data on any compatible Insteon computer controller, such as the HouseLinc 2 ($159.99) or ISY-99i ($348.28). Buy up a bunch of these meters and hook them up all over the house, if you want more info about even more of the devices you’re currently using.

The similar-looking SynchroLinc allows homeowners to create “automation triggers.” That means you can set lights when the TV goes on, or power down a whole home office setup when the computer goes off. Just plug your “trigger” device into the SynchroLinc and the items that you want to link into any Insteon-compatible receiver, such as a SwitchLinc, LampLinc (starts at $33.99) or ApplianceLinc (starts at $29.99).

“We continue to develop innovative and reliable products for the home automation enthusiast,” commented Laurie Maroni, Vice President of Marketing at Smarthome. “Our customers have always used our Insteon products as a control for their energy usage. iMeter and SynchroLinc now provide them with more tools to target, monitor and control their energy consumption.”

Both products are currently available for pre-order. According to Smarthome’s website, the iMeter Solo should be in stock starting January 14, 2011. The SynchroLinc will follow a week later, on January 21. Both items are priced at $39.99.


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