Smart S.Home Refrigerator Lets You Spy on Cheese

The new Changhong innovation goes transparent when approached.


What exactly goes on once you close that refrigerator door? It’s a question that people have been trying to answer for ages — people that don’t know how to shut off the light with the fridge door open. Instead of messing with the light, people may soon flock to the S.Home refrigerator.

The new innovation from Changhong allows consumers to peek in on the fridge without actually opening it. However, the smart fridge isn’t designed to satisfy your curiosity; it can actually save energy.

According to Digital Trends, you’re wasting some good energy every time you open that door to ponder your next meal. That can be avoided with the S.Home refrigerator, because you can peek in without actually opening it.

As you approach the white door, it will appear transparent, allowing the user to look in. It’s great for choosing a snack or creating a shopping list, assuming you don’t stuff the fridge to the point where it’s hard to see with or without the door open.

Sadly, there’s no word on whether or not the Chinese company will ever bring the tech to the U.S. or how much it will cost.


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