Smart Home Labs Adds RoboSmart to Smart LED Lighting Market

The wireless LED light bulb is available for pre-order via the open-funding platform IndieGoGo.


Looking back, this was the year that the light bulb got sort of interesting. There were certainly a lot of other interesting innovations, but pumping life into the light bulb was no easy feat.

Smart Home Labs is hoping to carry some of that momentum into 2013, with its newly announced RoboSmart wireless LED lighting system. The product uses Bluetooth to make lighting control happen via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

The RoboSmart can be controlled using one of the company’s compatible iOS or Android apps. Some of that control can tap into brightness features, timer functionality and proximity modes.

Other features include Bluetooth 4.0, 100 levels of brightness, a proximity sensor, and the option to tie in email and social media alerts. The Smart Lights app also allows users to tie multiple RoboSmart Light Bulbs together for scenes and simultaneous control.

Smart Home Labs is currently taking orders for the RoboSmart wireless LED light bulb via the open-funding platform IndieGoGo. Single bulbs can be reserved for $49, with a 4-bulb, one-room pack priced at $160. There are several other combinations listed on the fundraising page, which will be active for another 24 days. Smart Home Labs then plans to start shipping pre-ordered products in February 2013.


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