Schneider Electric Shows Smart Grid-based Energy Management

Wiser Energy Management System will include an in-home display, thermostat and plug-in control modules.


Schneider Electric has announced its contributions to smart grid-based energy management. Its Wiser Energy Management System, including an in-home display, thermostat and plug-in control modules, allows homeowners to reduce or shift energy use during peak times and monitor energy use in their homes.

The systems will initially be available to consumers through utility providers.

“The residential electric market accounts for approximately 21 percent of total electric usage globally,” said Don Rickey, senior vice president, Energy Business, Schneider Electric. “There is a huge need for active energy management by consumers, and it does not have to be a complex process. With this system, we are addressing the energy needs of multiple stakeholders along the grid – enabling utilities to improve service and providing consumers with the ability to gain greater insight and control of their energy use, while improving the efficiency and comfort of their home.”

The Wiser Energy Management System includes the following products:

  • Wiser Smart Thermostat–Programmable thermostat that communicates usage and pricing alerts via changing color screens. It’s built with ZigBee Smart Energy technology, allowing the thermostat to be connected to other system components and remotely controllable by the In-Home Display, the Wiser web application, and a smart phone application in the future.

  • Wiser In-Home Display–Control center and data dashboard designed to serve as the real-time communication portal from the utility to the consumer. Consumers can easily view current energy price, demand level and use, current energy cost per hour as well as daily, weekly and yearly energy-use reports.
  • Wiser Load Control– Secures and manages large loads to enable demand management by both the utility and the consumer. The Wiser Load Control also supports demand response/load control functions in demand response programs, as well as consumer features such as simple timer functions. This device can be used for remote monitoring and management of HVAC compressors, water heaters, pool pumps and other power circuits. For devices that require less load, 30-amp and 5-amp relays are also available.

Additionally, the Wiser Internet Gateway communicates home electrical use between components, and the Wiser Smart Plug intuitively manages small device electricity use. All products in the Wiser Energy Management System comply with the ZigBee Smart Energy standard. The Wiser web application is also available to manage and view real-time energy use, set system limits, and allows homeowners to control their energy consumption from anywhere, at anytime.

The Wiser Energy Management System is available today through Schneider Electric and pricing varies depending on the project scope.


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