Schneider Electric Debuts Wiser Air WiFi Thermostat

The WiFi thermostat has a 3.5-inch color touchscreen, with Wiser Forecast and Comfort Boost features.


Earlier this year, Schneider Electric announced plans to launch the Wiser Air WiFi Thermostat. It took a little while, but the company just wanted to get things right. Now this smart home gadget is shipping, just in time for the winter season.

This is the company’s first WiFi thermostat for residential customers. It’s very similar to some of the other smart thermostats on the market, allowing users to access temperature controls from across the house, across town, or across the world. However, it also throws in a few unique features.

The first perk is Wiser Forecast, which taps into Schneider Electric’s weather forecasting technology. This is the same weather intelligence that’s used by leading utilities, major airlines, and sports and entertainment venues. Having it in the home allows users to adjust settings based on the latest weather information, which includes extreme conditions.

Another interesting feature is something called Comfort Boost, which can deliver 15 to 60 minutes of on-demand heating or cooling at the touch of a button—all without switching up existing settings and schedules.

Other features include a 3.5-inch color touchscreen, Smart Sensors, scheduling, and a plug-and-play design. Like every WiFi thermostat out now, it also has its own smartphone app and can get automatic updates, in case Schneider Electric wants to send out new features or fixes.

“Wiser Air fills the gap in the home energy market for smart, easy-to-use solutions that help homeowners simplify energy efficiency,” said Yann Kulp, VP of residential energy solutions at Schneider Electric. “We’re excited to bring our commercial energy management expertise to the consumer market with a product that puts the user experience first in every aspect.”

Schneider Electric is selling the Wiser Air WiFi Thermostat now, priced at $239.

Schneider Electric Wiser Air WiFi Thermostat


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