Savant Introduces SST-W100 WiFi Thermostat

The digital thermostat allows for personalized heating and cooling schedules.


The Nest Learning Thermostat seems to have made the thermostat category hot again. Now, Savant Systems is adding something cool like that to its lineup, debuting the Savant Wireless Thermostat — also known as the SST-W100.

Like the Nest, the SST-W100 is a WiFi-enabled thermostat, so you can control heating and cooling systems from any Savant interface. Savant says that users can network one or more thermostats over an existing WiFi network.

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Designed for one- and two-stage control of forced air, radiant, heat pump and HVAC systems, the SST-W100 is perfect for retrofit applications. All you need is standard thermostat wiring at the mounting location.

In an effort to conserve a little energy (and cut down on your monthly bill), the thermostat can be set to respond to outside temperature, season or time of day. Just use the HVAC Scheduler within the Savant TrueControl iPad app.

Savant also says that homeowners can add in up to two remote temperature sensors (sold separately) for enhanced flexibility and optimized performance, when needed. From there, climate can be regulated according to the average of multiple sensors or the built-in sensors within the thermostat can be disabled entirely to allow the SST-W100 to be installed out of sight.

Other SST-W100 features include local temperature info, a 128-by-64 backlit graphical display, six buttons with on-screen labels, and more.


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