Savant Adds Video Tiling, Lighting Control and Thermostats

Apple-based home control system is becoming an all-in-one solution.


Home control company Savant has added video-tiling technology, lighting control solutions and thermostats to its bag of automation tricks.

The SmartView video tiling technology can show up to nine separate video sources on one screen, and is operated via Savant’s iPad app. Users can tap on an image to change sources, and pinch or expand an image to take up more of the screen. Eventually, says Savant’s marketing director Craig Spinner, it will be able to stream the video content to an iPad as well. SmartView sends HDMI video and HD audio and will accept any video input and support up to 24 sources in resolutions up to 1080p.

Savant is also showing a Mac app for desktop users, with the same interface as the company’s iPad app.

Savant’s lighting control solution, made possible by its recent purchase of light control company LiteTouch, can be used with a Savant home control system or as a standalone system. The system is hardwired only, with wireless coming later. The SmartLighting 18 can support 256 keypads and 2,000 lighting loads, while SmartLighting 2 will support 40 keypads And 512 loads. New, rounded-corner keypads are also available.

Savant is adding to its energy management capabilities as well, with a thermostat that has a similar look and feel to the lighting control keypads. The thermostats also contain humidstats for humidity control and can control lighting and A/V via a small LCD readout. An eight-zone central processing unit can be connected to thermostats and ganged to provide many zones of control–or can be connected to in-wall sensors without any thermostats, to keep a clean look. One very cool aspect is touchscreen control of set temperatures by sliding and pinching on a touchscreen.

The SmartView video tiling and lighting control solutions will be available this fall, while the thermostats are set for production in the first quarter of 2013.


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