Richard Gray Debuts Three UPS Products

RGPC has three new products designed to deliver "AV Grade" reliable back up power.


The power thing always seems to be a bit of an afterthought — well, except to people that have been zapped. Richard Gray’s Power Company has announced three new products for those people, and anyone else looking for “AV Grade” reliable back up power and remote AC power management.

RGPC says that the UPS 8, UPS 15 and UPS 22 are all designed from the ground up, and can handle today’s home theater and home automation systems.

The UPS 8 is designed for smaller systems, such as remote AV gear, computers, modems, switches, security systems and controllers. Weighing in at 6.8 pounds, this 800 VA system has four outlets and can be shelf-, floor- or wall-mounted.

For something a bit more hardcore, RGPC has the UPS 15 and UPS 22 models (pictured right). These 1500 VA and 2200 VA systems each have six outlets and can be rack-, tower- or wall-mounted (optional). The UPS 15 promises a full 5 minutes of backup time with a full load or 15 minutes with half the load. The UPS 22 can do 7 minutes with a full load or 18 minutes at half power.

All of the above models fall under RGPC’s “Green Units,” meaning that both the battery and unit can be recycled. Other features include vital data communications capability, automatic voltage monitoring, power regulation with intuitive software interface, and the promise of an easy installation.


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