Powermat, Haier Work on Wireless White Goods

The two companies are teaming up to put wireless power into different home appliances.


Your cell phone isn’t the only device that could use a jolt of power. We often forget that our homes are filled with appliances that depend on that good stuff to get through the day. Now, two companies are working on a wireless way to deliver power to appliances throughout the home.

Today, Powermat announced a partnership with Haier. The two plan to develop a collection of wireless white goods. The idea is to put Powermat’s wireless technology into random surfaces around your home. Those wireless charging stations could then charge up a cell phone or laptop, as well as power up a blender, juicer, or rice maker.

Right now, the technology is just in the hand-shaking stages. Powermat and Haier have yet to announce any real offerings. Of course, the possibilities could be exciting as well as useful.

“Not only will the home of tomorrow become a place of greater convenience, it will also became a safer environment because, while water and electricity do not mix, Powermat transfers energy as opposed to electricity,” said Ran Poliakine Powermat’s CEO.


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