Parks: 60 Percent Will Have Networked Energy Management by 2022

Parks Associates says that such energy services will generate $180 million in revenue by 2015.


Photo courtesy of Schneider Electric.

More service providers, retailers and utilities are getting into providing control to homes around the country. So it makes sense that part of the new offering would include energy management.

Parks Associates says that such offerings will be a big boost to the market, which will see more than $180 million in revenue by 2015. As the revenue grows, so will the number of companies willing to offer these types of services. Parks says that the end result will see 60 percent of homes with some type of networked energy management offering by 2022.

“Energy management is being bundled with home monitoring and control, security, broadband, and video services,” said Tom Kerber, director of Research, Home Controls and Energy for Parks Associates. “Next week, we will hear insights into partnership opportunities that can generate recurring revenues, reduce customer attrition, develop value-added services, and engage consumers in new ways with energy management solutions.”

Kerber is referring to the Smart Energy Summit, which is currently going on in Austin, Texas. The annual event, which focuses on new technologies, partnership opportunities, and consumer-oriented energy management solutions, runs from February 28 through March 1, 2012.


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