Panamax Starts Shipping SmartPlug and BlueBOLT Gateway

The new units promise to deliver energy management and surge protection to any outlet.


The MD2-ZB SmartPlug.

Typically, we plug things into outlets to get a little power. However, Panamax has a pair of products that may actually save power — and provide a little bit of protection in the process. The company just started shipping its MD2-ZB SmartPlug and the BB-ZB1 BlueBOLT gateway.

Both products promise energy management, surge protection, and BlueBOLT functionality for just about any outlet.

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The MD2-ZB SmartPlug provides energy monitoring, individual outlet control, scheduled conservation, and surge protection, just by plugging the device into a standard outlet. It has ZigBee inside, which allows the MD2-ZB to be monitored, controlled, programmed, and remotely accessed via Panamax/Furman’s cloud-based BlueBOLT energy management and control platform — as long as it’s part of a setup with the wired BB-ZB1 gateway.

Panamax has packed two side-mounted outlets into the MD2-ZB, which measures just 1.5 inches thick. Other features include status, network, and wiring fault indicators, as well as push-button “override” power switches to power outlets on/off instantly from the top of the device.

The BB-ZB1 gateway is also insanely easy to set up. Just add it to your network via an Ethernet cable and it instantly creates a wireless mesh network that can support up to 15 SmartPlugs per gateway.

“The MD2-ZB SmartPlug and BB-ZB1 gateway represent a significant extension of the BlueBOLT platform; taking it beyond the equipment rack to individual power outlets,” said John Benz, director of power and accessories of Core Brands. “For end-users, this not only provides surge protection for all their devices, but it can help give them a true indicator of their power consumption and how best to cut it down. For integrators, the ability to expand BlueBOLT’s remote-reboot benefits outside of the equipment rack provides tremendous flexibility to better service their customers.”

Panamax is shipping the MD2-ZB and BB-ZB1 are now, priced at $119.95 and $99.95, respectively.


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