Panamax BlueBOLT Saves Home from Flood

The remote system alerted this homeowner's installer to a down web connection. What was found was so much more.


Photo by Sean S. Smith Photography

For some of us, losing web access can be catastrophic. For one homeowner, it could very well have been that dramatic.

Instead, Panamax/Furman’s BlueBOLT-enabled M4315-PRO power conditioner came to the rescue, saving this New York home from damaging floodwaters.

Advanced Home Environments in Pelham, N.Y. had recently installed the BlueBOLT system into this client’s home. According to, the power management system had originally been installed to cut down the time and expense spent on service calls.

However, as we know, these systems can sometimes save homeowners more than a few bucks on lights and service calls. The device is connected to the web, which taps into a central server. When Peter Sherman, owner of Advanced Home Environments, got the message that the home had lost web power, he called his client for a checkup. The couple, who had been planning for a vacation, hadn’t even noticed the hiccup.

“We were still talking on the phone while she walked downstairs to the router in the basement. The next thing I heard was a loud scream: ‘Everything’s soaking wet! There’s a leak!’ A pipe that was right above their 200A electrical panel was leaking water into it,” said Sherman. “Their router is located under the panel and the water had soaked it, which is why they lost their Internet connection. I instructed them to quickly back away from the electrical panel and got them to shut off the valve on the water main, which stopped the leak.”

A contractor came in to fix the leak, and the couple was off for a much-needed rest. So instead of just calling in the installer for a quick web fix, this home control solution saved the homeowners what could have been thousands of dollars in damages — and maybe even more.

“This situation could have ended very badly, “Sherman added. “Someone could have been electrocuted, more of their electronics could have been damaged, and if the water had caused a short in the electrical panel, the house could have burned down.”


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