Nuheat Element Thermostat Does Underfloor Heating Controls

The non-programmable digital thermostat provides underfloor heating controls for systems installed with tile/stone, laminate and engineered


This is the type of winter where people seek out extra ways to keep warm. One of the coolest ways to keep warm is with an electric floor heating system. No socks are even needed. Instead, you can use technology to keep the floor as toasty as you want it to be.

Now, Nuheat is making that option even more enticing with the release of the Element thermostat.

The Element isn’t smart like the Nest smart thermostat; instead, it’s all about common sense. It’s insanely simple to install and use on almost any type of electric floor heating systems. Instead of learning preferences and dealing with networking and programming, it just provides simple underfloor heating controls. There are no confusing buttons and no actual programming is needed.

In fact, this non-programmable thermostat is specifically designed for people who want to keep it simple, so it just has up and down temperature underfloor heating controls in a digital format. That said, the Element does throw in a few additional perks, like the option to view energy usage from the past seven days, a backlit display, a clock display, and more.

Perfect for any electric floor heating system using a 10K Ω sensor, the Element has a built-in Class A GFCI and works with tile/stone, laminate and engineered wood floors.

Nuheat is selling the Element now, priced at $110.

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