NetworkThermostat Debuts 2 Ethernet Thermostats

The RP32-IP and UP32-IP are available now.


We’ve been talking a lot about thermostats lately. That’s probably because we’ve been enduring a few last blasts of winter. Now, NetworkThermostat wants to throw two more options into the market — and possibly your home.

The company just started selling the RP32-IP and the UP32-IP, two programmable communicating thermostats that feature a 10/100Mbps Ethernet port and a built-in web server. Those perks allow users to tap into either model, via a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.

According to the company, each thermostat can actually detect what type of device you’re using, and will alter the experience appropriately. Speaking of smart features, these thermostats also support email and text reminders and alerts.

Both products are automatic changeover 3-Heat / 2-Cool thermostats, with options for a single schedule to seven days a week with up to four events per day. Other features include Smart Schedule Recovery, Efficient Equipment Restart, and the option for auxiliary inputs and sensors. Each one also has the Net/X Advanced Remote Sensor Bus, which allows you to add up to 11 remote sensors, as well as six different sensor types.

“Schedule programming is performed over the Ethernet connection, where it should be done, not from the front panel of the thermostat,” says Jerry Drew, NetworkThermostat’s president. “‘Thermostat hieroglyphics’ and the energy wasteful ‘hold’ button are a thing of the past. These are powerful new product with the perfect combination of simple front-panel operation and sophisticated control from the browser.”

NetworkThermostat is compatible with Weatherbug, which is integrated right into the thermostat. It also has an open API, so software developers and hardware integrators can integrate the thermostat into other systems.

NetworkThermostat says that both of the new thermostats are available now. Contact an authorized retailer, HVAC distributor or contractor for more information and pricing.


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