Nest Announces New Thermostat Features

The popular thermostat has a slew of new features in time for summer.


With the weather heating up, you’re probably bumping that thermostat down a few notches — um, right? Most people barely think about adjusting the thermostat. If you have the Nest, you shouldn’t have to think about it.

Just last week, the company announced a few new energy partners to help Nest users save money on monthly energy bills. For those of you not in those areas or just looking for even more savings, Nest has a slew of new product updates, all designed to save users a few bucks during the summer’s sweatiest months.

The first up is the Sunblock feature, which is represented by a little sun icon on the thermostat’s display. If your Nest is getting a dose of direct sunlight, this feature will automatically adjust the device so you don’t have any unnecessary cooling cycles.

Next up is Advanced Fan Control. This new feature allows the Nest to control your fan separate from the heating and cooling, so you can circulate air, while using less energy.

There’s also something called Cool to Dry. This is important for those of you in humid climates. Instead of dealing with funky temperatures and even mold from the humidity, the Nest will automatically turn on your air conditioning to dry the air and dehumidify your home.

Another upgrade is Enhanced Auto-Away. This new option will now predict how long you’ll be away and overrides any set-points. The end result should save you on energy costs during those extended periods when you’re away from home.

And finally, the Nest is also upgrading its app, to make it easier to make temperature changes. The company is also adding in alerts so users can get energy-related web and app messages.

If your Nest is connected to your WiFi network (and it should be), you will receive all of the updates automatically. For more about this popular thermostat, check out our Hands On: Nest 2 Learning Thermostat write-up.

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