Monolyth is Another Company That Wants to Control Your AC with a Smartphone

The add-on device can smarten up almost any existing window or wall air conditioner.

Months back, we introduced you to the Quirky Aros, a wall air conditioner that could be controlled via smartphone. Now another company is hoping to jump into the connected AC space, with a product that puts similar functions into a slick add-on device.

The Monolyth is a web-enabled device for your existing window and wall AC units. When paired with a smartphone, the Monolyth allows users to tweak temperature using a smartphone. It also has learning features that can save you a few bucks on unnecessary cooling.

Just place the Monolyth within the line-of-sight of your AC unit. From there, it connects to the AC using an infrared sensor. You will also need the app to complete the setup.

Once connected to the AC and your home’s Wi-Fi, the Monolyth can learn both your schedule and your temperature preferences. The device uses a variety of sensors to make those adjustments. However, if something is a little different (maybe you stop on your way home or it’s especially hot that day), you can override those settings from anywhere in the world via the app for iOS and Android devices.

Other features include motion detection and push notification for alerts, tips and reminders. It also works with most AC brands, so you shouldn’t have to buy a whole new unit.

While the Aros is selling now, the Monolyth is seeking funding on Indiegogo through August 26, 2014. At last peek, the early bird price of $79 was still available with units expected sometime in January 2015. Once the Monolyth starts selling at retail, it will have an MSRP of $159.

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