Lutron Gets Aggressive About Energy Savings

Lighting control company promotes efficiency with TV, tour bus, website campaign.


Images in Lutron's TV ads demonstrate how easy it is to install a dimmer.

Lighting control company Lutron is serious about getting you to save money through energy efficiency.

The company is promoting energy efficiency aggressively these days, with a new LutonSavesEnergy web site as well as a TV campaign and continuing its nationwide Mobile Experience Center (MXC) bus tour exhibit. The company’s goal is “to get every home in the United States to replace two light switches with energy-saving dimmers.”

Dimming lights is one the cheapest and easiest ways to save energy in a home. And Lutron has plenty of dimming products to choose from.

Helpful Website

The website features energy-saving strategies for homes and businesses—including its own products, of course, such as its C-L (CFL and LED) dimmers and eco-dim dimers, the latter of which sets lights at 85 percent brightness to save energy and money. Lutron estimates that when used in a home, these dimmers can save up to $30 per year.

The site also has links to Lutron’s Energy Savings Calculator.

The Mobile Experience Center (MXC)

Launched in the fall of 2009, the 43-foot-long MXC offer visitors a first-hand experience and education of Lutron’s energy-saving products, ranging from single-light dimmers, through whole-house systems and automated shades.

The MXC tour bus features dozens of Lutron products and solutions displayed in several residential vignettes, offering visitors a true, first-hand experience of using the products. In early 2011, the MXC will be making stops in Orlando, Dallas/Fort Worth, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Southern California, parts of New Mexico, Denver, Kansas City and St. Louis.

TV Commercials

In addition, four, 30-second TV commercials promoting energy efficiency with Lutron products will air nationally on the Home and Garden Television (HGTV) and Do It Yourself (DIY) networks now through early 2011.

“This latest campaign is our most coordinated effort yet to educate the public on the many energy-saving benefits of Lutron products,” says Chris Murray, senior vice-president of Lutron’s residential solutions business. “This is the kind of initiative in which everyone can play a part and make a difference,” said Murray.

Dimmers are a great way to start saving energy in the home. The company is also introducing new lighting control and shade control products, the latter of which allows automation of motorized shades to help heat or cool a room.


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