Lowe’s Adds New Products to Iris Home Automation Lineup

The system's open platform has paved the way for new energy-saving and security solutions.

The Iris Smart Kit.

It’s summer, which means that security and energy are the hot tech topics. We typically see a lot of security solutions at this time of year, since so many people leave home in search of a summer vacation. If you’re wearing a sweater or socks while reading this, you know why energy is a buzzword.

Lowe’s is looking to add new solutions for each category into its Iris smart home system. The company just announced a smart garage door controller, an electronic pet door, a window blinds controller, and a hose faucet timer.

The new devices will join over 50 products currently available for the Iris system. That lineup includes security cameras, smoke detectors, water leak detectors, and more. Also important to note is that Iris works with products from companies such as GE, Kwikset, Schlage, Whirlpool, and more.

Iris is a system designed to make home automation simple, affordable and scalable. It combines as many products as you want under a single interface that allows users to monitor, control and customize a variety of devices. It supports both ZigBee and Z-Wave.

The new Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Remote Command Controller with Tilt Sensor allows access to a garage door from any smartphone. The PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor can monitor and control pet access, as well as record their movement. The Iris Motorized Window Blinds Controller provides remote control over blinds or you can schedule blinds to open and/or close when you’re out of the house. And finally, the Orbit Hose Faucet Water Timer allows user to remotely turn the hose on/off or schedule watering.

“Iris is a simple and affordable smart home solution that helps makes homes safer, more energy-efficient and easier to manage. We offer the most extensive array of connected products on the market that can be easily customized to meet consumers’ needs,” said Kevin Meagher, vice president and general manager of Lowe’s Smart Home division. “These new products add more value to the smart home offering with new ways to improve home security and manage energy costs with DIY solutions to give our customers peace of mind year-round.”

All four of the new Iris-compatible products are currently available through Lowe’s.

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