Hot Deal: Save 50% on Honeywell’s Touchscreen 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

Save money now (and later!) on this energy-saving thermostat option.


Still staring at that old thermostat? It may be time for an upgrade — today. We aren’t going to take up too much of your time talking about the benefits of adding a programmable thermostat into the home (although that is coming), because you may end up missing out on a sweet deal.

Today, Amazon has listed Honeywell’s RTH7600D Touchscreen 7-Day Programmable Thermostat as its Gold Box Deal of the Day. The thermostat is currently priced at $49.99, which is 50 percent off the product’s list price. That also includes free shipping. However, you’d better make a move on this one because the Gold Box Deals are one day and done!

The RTH7600D is a programmable thermostat, which means you can customize temperatures based on the time of day. For instance, maybe you want to crank the heat right before you get home from work. The thermostat can remember those preferences, and make it happen. That’s not just convenient, but it saves energy (and money!), since you’ll only be heating or cooling the home during predetermined times of the day.

Boasting an extremely easy installation, the RTH7600D comes with all of the hardware you’ll need to swap it out your old thermostat. Other features include a green backlit display and easy-to-use touchscreen. That backlighting makes the unit easy to read, even in dimly lit rooms and hallways.

At this price, you may want to snag more than one thermostat — for big homes, vacation homes, friends, family, etc. Just remember that this is Amazon’s Gold Box Deal, which means that this discount price is only good through today, September 22, 2011.


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