Honeywell Starts Shipping Total Connect Comfort with ADR WiFi Thermostat

The company also plans to deploy the product via utilities in the South Sioux City area.

A few months back, Honeywell announced plans plans to release a new WiFi thermostat. Now it looks like they’re shipping the thermostat, as well as bundling the option with utility companies.

The new Total Connect Comfort with ADR is a WiFi-enabled thermostat for the home. However, it can also connect to utilities and services, so those users can manage monthly energy consumption. The timing is perfect, allowing homeowners to keep cool in the summer months — and keep those electricity bills down as well.

Honeywell has already started working with utility companies to provide this option. Those customers can receive a free Honeywell WiFi programmable thermostat, which is valued at $150. From there, the product can be used to monitor energy use and demand spikes, via automated demand response (ADR) technology.

The thermostat is also compatible with Honeywell’s Total Connect Comfort app for iOS and Android devices. With the app, homeowners can program and adjust temperature and manage energy use, all from the couch or anywhere in the world.

Honeywell is kicking off thermostat deployment to approximately 13,000 residents in South Sioux City, Nebraska. According to Honeywell, the city reports that the average resident’s energy costs have increased 6 percent for the past three years. The program will also include installation of new electrical meters, a new Honeywell-installed WiFi network, and more. The company has already started the installation process, with plans to complete all of the new improvements by the end of the year.

“Honeywell has worked with utilities across the country for decades to help stabilize energy consumption. We have the energy technology, experience and are now layering on our reliable, easy-to-use WiFi thermostats to make these programs a win-win for utilities and homeowners,” said Paul Orzeske, president of Honeywell Building Solutions. “South Sioux City leaders and residents should be commended for their responsible, consumer-oriented approach to energy management. We hope many more utilities and cities follow their lead.”

For more information on the new thermostat and Honeywell’s other products and services, check out the Honeywell website.

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