Hisense Debuts Web-Enabled Air Conditioner

The new Smart Air Conditioner offers interactive control and private messaging.

At Electronic House, we don’t typically report on items not available in the U.S. We hate to tease. That said, this newest announcement from Hisense was too good to keep to ourselves.

The Chinese company just debuted the world’s first Smart Air Conditioner. Yes, all of those times that you left the AC on could be a thing of the past — or at least remedied from afar.

The unit is connected to the web, allowing users to control the power, temperature and humidity, all via private messages sent over Weibo, China’s leading microblog service. So technically, it doesn’t sound like there’s any app control. It’s more like you’re sending a text to it.

The Smart Air Conditioner is the next step in Hisense’s quest for web-enabled world domination. The company just recently introduced new smart TVs and smart refrigerator products.

Hisense has yet to announce pricing or availability for China, so we have to wonder if this product will ever reach U.S. audiences (but it should!).

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