Get Your Nest on Now with BitWise Home Automation System

The Nest module iOS interface mimics the Nest experience

The smart home automation and control system BitWise just released a new module to allow it to interface with the popular Nest smart thermostats.

The Nest smart thermostat, which learns your heating and cooling habits and allows you to adjust the temperature through your smart phone, is a popular gateway product to get people interested in smart home systems—which is why some many professionally-installed home control systems want to work with it. Control4 was the first, and announced compatibility last September at the CEDIA 2013 Expo. Other companies have quickly followed. BitWise is the latest.

Even though Nest is basically a DIY product, BitWise isn’t. If you have a BitWise system and want to add a Nest thermostat to it, you need to contact your installer who will add the module to your system and do the proper programing.

The BitWise Nest module is designed to act like a virtual Nest smart thermostat on your iOS device. It will support multiple Nest thermostats and allow remote temperature control, timer settings and Away type modes. A 10-day graph will show homeowners their energy usage directly on their iPad or iPhone.

The new module works with BitWise system controllers BC1, BC2, and BC4.

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