GE Adopts EcoView Energy Management System

Company looks to build homes 20 percent more energy efficient.


General Electric Co. has adopted Advanced Telemetry’s EcoView Residential solution for select energy conscious homebuilders across North America.

GE is working with a select group of homebuilders and developers to design homes that are not only comfortable, but also achieve at least a 20 percent reduction in household energy usage, indoor water consumption and overall carbon emissions as compared to industry-accepted average new homes. GE says the EcoView Residential energy management system will be integral in helping homeowners easily and consistently achieve high levels of energy efficiency and related cost savings.

EcoView Residential provides real time information on energy and resource usage that allows owners to pinpoint and minimize consumption from devices ranging from TVs to computers to light bulbs. The system can be connected to wireless control devices like thermostats and light switches.

EcoView Residential’s high-resolution touchscreen communicates wirelessly with metering devices that measure a home’s electricity and water consumption, providing real-time information and graphic illustrations of energy usage or generation from renewable energy systems such as solar arrays. The system also takes advantage of existing broadband Internet connections, enabling homeowners to access their systems to view current consumption, make adjustments to settings and schedules for thermostats, lighting controls and other appliances from any web-enabled device outside the home.


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