Extra Vegetables Adds Tasty Control4 App and Driver for Thermostat

The new solution puts Control4 goodness into Radio Thermostat Company’s CT80.


Radio Thermostat Company’s CT80 thermostat.

Extra Vegetables has cooked up something delicious for Control4 users. The company just announced a new Control4 app and driver that can tie in Radio Thermostat Company’s CT80 thermostat.

The CT80 has 7-day programming, humidifier and de-humidifier controls, and can control three stages of heat and two stages of cool. Aah, you can feel the comfort just reading about it! As an added bonus, it’s easy to retrofit and works with just about every HVAC system, including traditional furnaces and heat pumps.

Of course, the big news is that Extra Vegetables is adding Control4 into the CT80′s mix. Just having the driver allows for custom programming for the humidifier and dehumidifier and lets users control the temperature set points and scheduling using the Control4 thermostat interface.

If you don’t mind tweaking the humidity from the CT80, that’s all you really need. Users can still monitor and control the CT80 from the Control4 system.

That said, you can spend the extra $12.99 at the 4Store App and add in some app-y goodness. This delivers complete temperature and humidity control from the Control4 system. It also has an enhanced interface (see below), with temperature and humidity levels, as well as the status of the HVAC and humidity control systems.


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