Eragy Debuts Energy Monitoring App for Control4 Systems

New app allows circuit-level monitoring and alerts on energy consumption.


Home energy management software company Eragy is rolling out its second generation app to work with Control4 systems, at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Energy Monitoring Plus provides homeowners the ability to monitor their whole house energy consumption as well as energy used by individual appliances and circuits within their homes, via an eGauge home energy monitor. Homeowners can monitor their energy usage from their TV screen, iPad, Control4 touch screen, smart phone, or web browser.

Energy Monitoring Plus application and service will be available next month from Control4 dealers throughout North America via Control4’s 4Store Application Marketplace. Eragy’s application and service is priced at $249 and includes the Energy Monitoring Plus app, Eragy software driver, and 12 months of monitoring service via the consumer web portal.

Eragy says the new energy monitoring software, coupled with a Control4 home automation system, enables homeowners to save up to 20 percent or more off their monthly electric bills and allows consumers to monitor the details of their energy consumption to best understand how they can reduce their energy bills.

Like Eragy’s current home energy monitoring service, Energy Monitoring Plus includes a number of proactive alerts and notifications that provide users with real-time information on their energy consumption and system health via email and SMS/text messages.

“With the introduction of our Energy Monitoring Plus app and service, we will be able to thoroughly engage consumers in identifying specific areas to save electricity,” said Mark Komanecky, Eragy’s vice president of sales and marketing. “By providing consumers with valuable suggestions and alerts on the details of their energy consumption, we are making it even easier for homeowners to save money and lower their overall energy usage.”

Energy Saving Automation

Also at CES, Eragy will be showing its Intelligent Home Energy Management solutions that enable a Control4 system to dim lights or perform other functions if, say, a preprogrammed ceiling on energy use is reached. That’s nice. The company also has designs for high-current relays that allow the system to shut down appliances automatically. Even nicer.

Eragy’s also plans software to allow homeowners to see the benefits of switching to different electric utility rate structures to save some serious money, if the utility offers alternative rate structures. Some utilities offer Time of Use pricing, in which electricity is priced higher at “peak load” times of the day. And some have “tiered” pricing, in which you’re charged a much higher rate as soon as you cross a threshold of energy use. Eragy can help homeowners and their electronics installers decide which pricing structure is right for them, depending on their energy use—and automate functions to cut power at peak load times, for instance, to save money.


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