Emerson Announces Wi-Fi Connected HVAC Monitoring Service

The new ComfortGuard Monitoring Service will start rolling out this spring.

Just days after debuting the Sensi, the company’s first Wi-Fi thermostat, Emerson has another way to make your home more comfortable.

Emerson just announced the ComfortGuard Monitoring Service, a connected HVAC service that will allow homeowners to manage heating and cooling using real-time information, as well as monthly reports about waste, maintenance, and more.

Once the system is professionally installed, homeowners will have 10 ComfortGuard sensors working around the house, collecting and transmitting data on the connected heating and cooling systems. Every time one of those systems kicks on, Emerson says that there’s also a 32-point inspection, which scans for efficiency changes, filter degradation, and component problems. The ComfortGuard monitoring team then analyzes the data and alerts the homeowner and their installer to any potential problems.

Besides email alerts, efficiency and filter status, monthly System Insight Reports, and repair verifications, the ComfortGuard service allows users to tap into this info on the go, using a web and mobile portal.

“For most homeowners, one of the largest investments they’ll make is in their heating and cooling system,” said Ed Purvis, executive vice president at Emerson. “With the expansion of Wi-Fi and connected home products, we see a sizeable market opportunity to help homeowners and service professionals protect that investment by pairing big data with important HVAC analytics.”

Emerson plans to launch the ComfortGuard Monitoring Service in St. Louis this spring, with Houston following sometime this summer. Additional markets will also be announced later in the year. Subscribers can expect to pay a one-time installation fee, with monitoring packages starting at $9.99 per month.

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