Electronic House Info & Answers on Automated Shades

Learn how automated shades can regulate the temperature of your home and save you money!

Integrated control systems aren’t just for distributing audio and video around the house or letting you watch your security cameras on your iPhone. A control system can also help you regulate the interior temperature of your home with energy management options that include motorized shades and smart thermostats.

Smart thermostats can be operated via many different control systems and allow you to program various day and night settings and even adjust the system parameters remotely. For instance, if you’re coming home from a trip on a cold night, you can turn up the heat before you get home to allow the house to warm up. If you leave the house without turning down the heat, you can do that remotely via a simple app too.

Automated shades play a part in energy management as well by letting in or blocking natural light. The sun can help light or heat a room during the day, while at night motorized shades can close to help insulate the windows and keep some of that valuable heat inside. Motors for window coverings can be controlled with simple wireless controllers, smart phone apps or operate automatically with several available control systems.


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