Elan Systems Offered in Eco-Friendly Modular Homes

Homeowners can use Elan g! system to save energy in lighting, HVAC.


Who says you need a “home energy management” system to have energy management?

To every new buyer of its eco-friendly modular homes, Karoleena Homes in Calgary, Alberta, now offers the Elan g! Entertainment and Control System, which is not necessarily known for its green cred.

In conjunction with Avalanche Electric, Karoleena Homes offers a base Elan g! system to every new client, which can then be expanded to meet the exact needs of the homebuyer. The base package includes everything needed to provide simple, consolidated control of a multizone audio system, security system, 10 automated lighting loads and one integrated HVAC zone. The package includes one in-wall touchpanel and an iPhone/iPad app for controlling the system, with the ability to add more touchpanels as desired.


“We’ve committed to using the Elan g! system in all of our future homes because it is so easy and because it can start as a small, one-room solution and expand to control everything from motorized shades to irrigation and surveillance cameras,” says Karoleena Homes President Kris Goodjohn, “A lot of our clients are building second homes and vacation homes, and most of them want to be able to check in when they aren’t there.”

So what about the energy-efficient part? “With the Elan g! system, our clients can lessen their environmental impact even more through lighting and heating schedules, which they can adjust as they see fit and monitor when they are away from their new dream home. “

In other words, homeowners can simply use the energy-saving features that are already a part of the Elan g! system. Other builders, such as Frankel Building Group in Houston, are doing the same. Frankel offers basic Crestron systems as part of its ParkGate Reserve in The Woodlands development near Houston. Meritage Homes and other builders are promoting Zero-energy and solar homes, or the energy efficiency of new homes.

“Most of our clients have iPhones and iPads and love the simplicity modern technology can offer, making the Elan g! system a natural extension of their digital lives. I have a feeling that once they see how easy and useful home control can be with Elan g!, a lot of our clients will expand on the base package,” Goodjohn says.


Karoleena Homes are built in way that eliminates much wood and other waste that accumulates with traditional construction, and the company uses spray foam insulation, low-flow water fixtures, Energy-Star appliances and high-efficient furnaces, in addition to offering solar electric and geothermal heating/cooling systems as options.

The company also installed complete Elan g! systems in both of their brand new show homes, one of which will be on display at the Edmonton Home & Garden Show from March 22-25.


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