Efergy engage iPad App Can Track Energy Use

The new iPad app can track your home's energy use in real time.

Air conditioners, HDTVs, refrigerators; your home sure has a lot of energy hogs. Want to know how much you can expect to pay during these sweaty summer months? There’s a new app that can track your energy use all year long.

Efergy just released the engage app for the iPad. The new app can deliver information about your home’s energy consumption, all in real time.

The app was actually launched last month, but to a limited audience. It’s part of Efergy’s free online platform, which allows users to monitor home energy consumption online and in real time.

Of course, not everything is free. To take full advantage of the app, you will need the engage Hub, a device that acts as a gateway between that energy info and Efergy’s online portal. Once you have the Hub in place, just create an online account and download the free app.

The new app allows users to check in on energy consumption for the last 24 hours, the last month, or the last 12 months. You can even share that information on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Efergy also hosts the engage online community, which is currently at around 5,500 members.

“We are excited about the engage iPad app. It’s the result of a lot of hard work based on behavioral science research and software development,” said Don Munro, CEO of Efergy. “A few years ago we noticed an increase in demand for online monitoring and I’m glad to say this is available today, for free. With the engage range, consumers can view their home electricity use online and on their mobile devices in real time. This opens up a whole new world of energy awareness.”

The engage iPad app is currently available as a free download from the iTunes App Store. The engage Hub is available through the Efergy website, with a starting price of $69.95.

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