EcoFactor Launches HVAC Performance Monitoring Service

The residential service promises to identify HVAC system malfunctions early.

Now isn’t really the time of year that you want HVAC problems. Well, no time of the year is, really. EcoFactor is hoping to save you from those inconveniences with its new HVAC Performance Monitoring (HPM) service.

HPM uses cloud-based analytics algorithms and pattern recognition to keep tabs on your HVAC system. Once it senses an issues, it will notify the homeowner via EcoFactor’s SaaS energy analytics platform.

EcoFactor has already tested out HPM in thousands of homes. According to the results of that trial period, EcoFactor says that millions of American homes have problems with their heating and cooling systems — all of which go undetected. HPM is designed to alert users to those issues, which can potentially save both energy and money.

“Until now, the smartest device in a connected home was a basic learning thermostat that adjusted itself to be more energy-efficient when the consumer is not home,” said Scott Hublou, co-founder and senior vice president of product operations at EcoFactor. “With the addition of this early warning service to our award-winning learning capabilities, we have raised the bar and accelerated the move from a connected home to a true smart home. We’re excited to deliver HVAC performance monitoring in addition to proactive energy efficiency and demand response services in one platform.”

To find out more about HPM, download the HPM Cloud Data Sheet or visit the EcoFactor website.

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