E-Vents Can Make Your Vents Energy Efficient

The smart floor and ceiling vents work in conjunction with your smartphone.

Just in case you’ve automated everything else, E-Vents are coming. The latest in a long line of Kickstarter ideas is designed to smarten up the vents in your home by integrating them with a mobile app.

E-Vents are designed to replace the current floor and ceiling vents in your home. However, the difference is that each one of these comes packing a microprocessor and a temperature sensor. This allows users to open or close vents at set times or on the fly, via an app for iOS and Android devices. This allows users to cut off rooms or areas that aren’t typically occupied, without any sort of major renovation.

Also worth noting is that the sensor can help the system transition through different seasons. That way, you can program AC and heating settings once and the E-Vent will adjust based on whether there’s cool or hot air blowing through.

Besides the option for taupe and white, E-Vents are available in three set sizes. Currently, parent company Circle Design Technology is seeking funding on Kickstarter. If they hit that $50,000 goal by August 7, 2014, backers can expect to get the goods sometime this November.

If you already have a smart thermostat at home, E-Vents could make for a nice complement — especially since they can be had for as little as a $38 pledge.

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