Crestron Energy Management Software to Become Available

Fusion EM can control lighting, shades, heating and cooling for energy savings in homes and buildings.


Home control company Crestron has announced that its much-anticipated Fusion EM (for Energy Management) software will be made available March 1.

Fusion EM can provide energy management and energy tracking capabilities for home or commercial environments, though it is primarily intended as a commercial application. The web-based Fusion software can control lighting, shades, heating and cooling for every room in a home or facility, while tracking your carbon footprint. You can change and schedule temperature set points, lighting levels and demand response settings, if energy-saving demand response events are offered by your local utility. Crestron says the system can also save you energy by automatically turning off lights and reducing HVAC use in unoccupied spaces, with the use of occupancy or motion sensors, or shut off devices and other systems based upon reaching preset energy consumption ceilings.

In addition, Fusion EM can track all lighting loads and provides a bar graph showing real-time and historical energy consumption. You can click on a group or individual room to view real-time and historical energy usage. You can view by day, week, month or year and compare numbers to the previous time period. Future energy consumption can even be projected, based on lighting fixture information or via data collected by Crestron’s Green Light Power Pack (GLPP), which controls lights based on occupancy and natural light in a room; the standalone Green Light Integrated Lighting System (GLPAC); and the energy-monitoring Green Light Power Meter Control Unit (GLS-EM-MCU) or other energy metering device.

The GLS-EM-MCU is an energy monitor that can measure the total electricity use of a home or facility, as well as up to 84 branch circuits, so you can measure down to the circuit level. It will be released on May 1.

Fusion EM can run on a Crestron 3-Series control system or 2-Series control system with C2ENET card or built-in Ethernet. The software license is $5,000, though home users can use it in up to five rooms at no charge.


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