ComfortGeni Can Keep You Warmer

Improves inefficient heat distribution


It’s getting colder here in the mid-Atlantic states. Over the weekend week I lit my fireplace for the first time this year. It kept that room nice and cozy, but only the one room. ComfortGeni has a solution for that.

Heat distribution is a pretty common problem, especially when fireplaces or pellet stoves are involved. The ComfortGeni is a simple way to help pull air from one place to another without any additional construction.

The product works like this: replace one of your heat registers (those grates that cover your heat vents) with a ComfortGeni. Plug the device in and set to the desired temperature. The Geni’s two fans will kick on, pulling hot air into the room until it reaches the set temperature. It’s a neat idea for inefficient heat distribution in a home. If you have a duct connected to pull heat from your supplementary heat source, this should improve its performance.

The ComfortGeni is only about $150, so it’s probably a better solution then just cranking the thermostat up. The company says it uses no more electricity than a 14 watt bulb and is whisper quiet. It fits a 6” x 10” or 6” x 12” opening

It supposedly works just as well for cool air AC systems too.


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