CEA Launches Green Gadgets Site

The organization plans to highlight energy-efficient devices and recycling.


Some people find it hard to utter the words “electronics” and “green” in the same sentence. Now the Consumer Electronics Association is showing the world how nicely those two go together, by launching GreenerGadgets.org.

The new website is designed as a one-stop shop for all things green in the consumer electronics industry. Even if you aren’t in the market for new, greener gadgets, the home page offers a few interesting items that should appeal to every consumer.

First up, the site offers a list of nationwide manufacturers, retailers and certified eCycling locations. That means instead of having all of those old electronic items collect dust in your basement (or living room), you can just type in your zip code to find a spot where you can safely dump all of those old gadgets and components.

If you want to hang onto every precious piece of electronics that you currently have, that’s fine, too — but maybe you want to see how much energy it’s costing you. The site also has an Energy Calculator, which can provide an estimate on what your electronics use means for your wallet by the minute, day, month and year.

The site also has additional information on recycling, Living Green and Buying Green, and a spot that highlights green trends in the industry. If you just want to know What’s New, there’s a section for that, too. Check back into this area for more up-to-date product news as well as info on green-related events in your area.


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