Bosch Focuses on Internet Connectivity at CES

The Internet of things and Services for the home


Global super-company Bosch has its hands in a number of technology pies. The most recent is building technology. As explained by the company at the International Consumer Electronic Show today, this encompasses everything from the tools that build homes, to the solar panels that produce energy for the home, to the appliance inside the home that afford families conveniences. Tying all of these parts together will be the Internet, as Bosch introduced its concept of “The Internet of Things and Services.”

The Internet is commonly thought of as a technology that brings people together, but Bosch envisions a future where buildings, equipment and homes maintain contact with each other via the Internet. How construction tools—a big part of Bosch’s business–like drills and stud finders will play a role in the Internet of Things, a term commonly used to mean the virtual representation of something in the real world.

The technologies that Bosch is focusing on currently are various smart, Internet-connected components for the home. At CES the company will introduce a residential security system and surveillance cameras, both of which can be monitored and controlled from a smartphone app. Also set to be connected to the web are new home solar panels. Such a connected system will allow homeowners to monitor how much energy is being produced and decide how and when to use it—maybe directing stored energy to the kitchen, where Bosch is one of the only companies to manufacturer an Energy Star-rated product under every category of common kitchen appliance, including dishwashers, stoves and refrigerators. To foster greater adoption by consumers of solar technology, Bosch announced that it will launch a program to help homeowners finance equipment and installation of the gear.

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