Belkin Gateway Delivers Energy Report on the Web

The Conserve Gateway uses ZigBee to track energy usage in the home, as well as relay info from utility providers.


Some routers just offer web access and flashing lights. Belkin is going one step further, combining that connectivity with a glimpse at the energy your home is hogging.

The newly announced Conserve Gateway is a router that works with your home’s smart meter, via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Earlier products in the Conserve line, such as the Conserve Smart AV and Conserve Socket, allow users to track specific devices. This one uses the power of ZigBee to deliver data on every connected device in one web interface.

Once everything is hooked up, users can go online to get real-time info on the home’s energy use, or even track specific appliances.

Even better, Belkin is partnering up with utility companies, allowing those entities to offer info right through your web interface. Don’t expect any “You owe $50!” messages. Instead, they will offer helpful conservation tips.

Belkin says that the Conserve Gateway is available now, but you’ll need to contact the company for pricing and purchase information.


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