to Integrate Solar as Part of Connected Home

A new partnership helps homeowners find and integrate solar into automation system.

The missing link of many home automation systems has been the integration of solar energy. recently announced a partnership with One Block of the Grid (1BOG) that will help facilitate the selection and purchase/lease of a solar system for owners of control systems.

“This [addition of solar recommendations] allows to provide customers with the most complete energy management solution as part of its Connected Home platform,” says Jay Kenny, vice president of marketing. systems already support video monitoring, automated lighting and thermostats, and lock and garage control.

Through the partnership, 1BOG will advise owners of the best possible way to go solar, taking into account factors such as location, energy usage, size of home and tax incentives available. users connect with 1BOG solar consultants through’s website and mobile apps. Here, users can also explore power purchase agreements, leasing options and other opportunities from the nation’s top solar brands, and be assured that the system they select can be integrated into the control platform.

Once a solar system is integrated and installed, owners can use their system to monitor and control solar production and use, ultimately saving money on utility bills.

The program will be offered initially in California, Arizona, Hawaii, New Jersey and Massachusetts, with more states to follow by the end of the year.

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