6 Ways to Work Tech into Your Valentine’s Day

For the high-tech romantic, gooey chocolates just won't do.

In case your calendar still says January (as in January 2013), we wanted to remind you that Valentine’s Day is coming like a freight train.

Of course, you still have time to grab some wilted flowers or last year’s candy hearts. (Mmm… crunchy.) However, there are plenty of high-tech ways to set a romantic mood.

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Now, it’s hard to think of technology as being romantic. Manufacturers can douse gadgets in bright red and spin it 10 different ways, but it’s still really hard to think of any electronics as “sexy.” Shiny maybe. Definitely sparkly.

Still, that doesn’t mean that you can work a little technology into your Hallmark holiday and have it actually been seen as a thoughtful gesture.

Check out our slideshow on 6 Ways to Work Tech into Your Valentine’s Day.

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